Good vs Bad Extensions

Some examples of good vs bad extension
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Eyelash extension when properly applied by an experienced and skillful lash-extensionist should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. There should not be any pain or discomfort involve during the process, your eyes should not be red & irritated during or after the procedure. However, when the process is not done correctly by an inexperienced person using low grade adhesive and lashes, the result can be very discomfort, painful and could even cost you a trip to the emergency room.

I have seen too many "amateur" eyelash extensions done with less than desirable result from many of my newer clients, I decided to document some of these observations and share them with you here. Hopfully those who are new or just starting out with eyelash extension will find these examples helpful and be able to use them as a guide to help judge the quality and result you are getting from your extensionist.




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